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Last Updated: Sunday February 03 2008 10:39 GMT

Kids fight to save their schools

Save our schools

Hundreds of kids have been protesting against the closure of their schools.

Campaigners say about 100 small schools in England could shut, and the closures would rip the heart out of communities.

But the people in charge of the schools say there aren't as many kids in some areas as there used to be, and it costs money to keep the empty places open.

The government is writing to councils saying small schools shouldn't be shut, but other government advice says the extra places must be closed somehow.

Councils in Shropshire, Herefordshire and the Isle of Wight have all announced plans to close village schools, but England isn't the only place affected.

In Gwynedd in Wales, 29 schools could be shut and in Scotland around 90 schools have already been closed.

Lots of schools in Northern Ireland are also worried about closures.

The problem is there has been a drop in the number of babies being born in the last 10 years, and this means there are empty desks in schools.

Education costs money, and some people think it's cheaper to have lots of children at a big school, rather than have them scattered across lots of smaller ones.

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"My old school was great. It only had about 84 kids there - nine in my year 6 class. Small schools are cool because you get to know everyone really well. So they really should stay!!"

Rachel, 13, Hartlepool, England

"I had to change schools because my school merged with another horrible school, but I'm now glad that I had to change school because my new school is MUCH more interesting!!"

Laura, 12, Woking, England

"Just because it's small it does not mean it should be shut down, because if you go to a new school then you would not know how to communicate with the teacher as you normally do."

Suleyman, 9, Harrow, England

"My school was very near closure and we had to protest for about four years and all around the area we put up blue ribbons for support."

James, 11, Southport, England

"My school isn't shutting down, but small schools are way better for me because I am deaf and it would be hard to hear the teacher in an overcrowded classroom. My motto is: Small Schools Rock!"

Natasha, 11, Bristol, England

"I used to go to a really small high school and it helped me get my confidence built up. The teachers were caring and helpful and they knew everybody's name, you were not just a number on a register. My new school is massive and sometimes you can get lost in the crowd."

Bethany, 12, Lancaster, England

"A lot of schools are closing around where I live because there aren't lots of children going there."

Menai, 10, Bangor, Wales

"Although my school isn't being closed I think that closing small schools is wrong. If kids are forced to go to a big school further away then they have to take a bus or a car. It is better for the environment if people can walk to school."

Emma, 10, Fife, Scotland

"We are fighting too. We are a small school we don't want to travel in all weathers an extra half an hour each way. Why can't they leave us alone? Our school is great and I want my brother and sister to continue to go there."

Ashley, 10, South Woodham Ferrers, UK

"It's really unfair that they are closing schools down! Mine will be closing in April and I have to go a new school! I liked my school!"

Carla, 10, Los Angeles, America

"It isn't just England - the council in Gwynedd is trying to shut down loads of schools around here and the primary school in our village is going to be merging with two others to make some sort of Super School apparently."

Madi, 13, Dyffryn Ardudwy, North Wales

"I think that it is a bad idea because some children might live far away from the new school. They would have to go to school by car and cars are bad for the climate."

Sydney, 9, Essex, England

"My school isn't closing down, but if it was I'd try and save it. What about our education? We might not see our friends again."

Beth, 8, Wirral, England

"My school closes is September 2008. Hertfordshire County Council said that births were declining. We have proved their figures were rubbish but they are carrying on! We will move to an overcrowded school in portable buildings."

James, 9, Hertfordshire, England

"My friend's school is being shut down and I think it's unfair. If the government want to shut down schools don't blame us if we don't get a proper education!"

Kieron, 11, Hornchurch, England

"Smaller schools are better than bigger schools because you get more one to one time with the teacher."

Bethany, 10, Lincoln, England

"My school was up for closure two years ago but all our parents, teachers, friends and people from the village fought really hard to save it and we won. So, it can be done - I live near my school and it would be wrong for me to have to go to a school a long way away. My school is very small but very good and small schools are better to learn in. More schools should be small so children are taught well."

Maisie, 8, Cheshire, England

"If schools have to close down then I think children should be home educated. I am home schooled and it is great, plus you save money."

Jacqueline, 11, Tamworth, England

"They can't keep the school open if there isn't enough money - if lots of people went to big schools they would be able to spend the money on things like medicine and hospitals!"

Kathryn, 12, Northern Ireland

"No, my school is not going to be closed down but I would be really sad and angry if it did."

Louise, 11, Galgate, England

"Stop closing good small schools to fill up spaces at rubbish big schools. Support the countryside and take money from the towns and cities for a change."

Kaspar, 9, Welshampton, England

"I think this is an absolutely stupid idea and my old school was shut down."

Lauren, 12, Kidderminster, England

"Changing the school system is wrong and it's a waste of money. We could use the money for more facilities! No one wants change!"

Danni, 15, Isle of Wight, England

"My local primary school's pupil numbers are increasing and they can hardly take in any more pupils."

Hannah, 11, Banbridge, Northern Ireland

"A few schools near us have been merged to make stupidly large schools. Our school is mega small with only about 135 kids."

Emily, 10, Lancashire, England

"I think the schools should be shut down if they are only half full."

Gareth, 11, Toulouse, France