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Last Updated: Tuesday January 29 2008 14:08 GMT

In Pictures: Snow storms causing chaos in China

Cyclist rides in snow

Snow is causing chaos for tens of millions of people in China.

Snow covered houses

Some areas of the country have been hit by the worst weather they've seen for 50 years.

Passengers waiting for a bus

It's a really busy time of year for China as hundreds of millions of people try to travel to their home provinces (areas where they live) to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Stationary trains at Hankou railway station

But the bad weather has closed airports, roads and railway lines, leaving hundreds of thousands of people unable to get home for the festivities.

Passengers waiting at Hankou Railway Station,

A blocked railway line in the southern city of Guangzhou left about 500,000 stranded in the southern city of Guangzhou.

Bikes buried in snow

The central provinces of Hunan and Hubei have been hardest hit, but eastern provinces are also affected.

Worker shovels snow from collapsed car showroom

This car showroom is among 100,000 buildings that have collapsed. Another 400,000 are reported to have been damaged.

Residents walking in a wood

The snowstorms began on 10 January and have affected 80 million people across 14 provinces.

A man pushing a bike through the snow

At least 24 people have died in the cold and many more are thought to have died in accidents on the icy roads.

Woman covering her face against the cold

Weather experts reckon there's more snow on the way.

A man in a snowy park

But people are trying to carry on as normal where they can. Check out this man practising his tai chi in a snowy park.

Wild macaques huddled up against the cold

And these wild macaques are doing their best to keep out the cold by huddling close to one another in Qianling Park, southwest China.

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