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Last Updated: Tuesday January 29 2008 06:57 GMT

School loos are causing a stink

Toilet sign

Loads of you are avoiding your school toilets because they're dirty, closed or attract bigger kids who bully you, according to new research.

The Bog Standard campaign wants to see more done to make schools clean up their act and improve their loos.

Campaigners say there are too many school toilets which are closed for part of the day, or where boys and girls have to share.

They also want all the loos to be cleaned at least two times a day.

Head of the campaign, Steve Wright, said poor hygiene in school loos could lead to more kids getting bugs and infections.

"Children are just as entitled as adults to clean toilet facilities," he said.

"We have had school dinners revolutionised by Jamie Oliver, now it's about time the toilets were sorted out too."

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