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Last Updated: Tuesday January 29 2008 07:23 GMT

In pictures: Kids have say on school uniform

School uniform

Pupils in Wales could be given a choice of what to wear to lessons after politicians said some school uniforms were too expensive. But do the kids think it's a good idea?

Daniel, 7

Some schools already let pupils wear trainers instead of shoes. Daniel says he loves being able to wear his trainers to school as they're really comfortable.

Nathan, 9

Nathan thinks black trainers are alright for school, but reckons colourful trainers would be "a bit unschool-like".

Lois, 9

But Lois reckons trainers should be kept for the weekend: "I think trainers are more for home or going out on Saturday and Sunday."

Lucy, 10

Lucy likes having a uniform as it helps her prepare for lessons. "When I put my jumper on I know I'm going to school so I react like I'm going to work," she said.

Sophie, 11

Sophie says she gets freaked out trying to decide what to wear at weekends so she thinks having to wear a school uniform during the week is a good idea.

Emily, 10

Emily agrees: "If we didn't have school uniform and people came in wearing designer clothes, then people would be arguing about whose clothes are better."

Annie, 11

And Annie doesn't think it would be fair on kids whose parents can't afford the uniform as they'll be the odd ones out. But what do you think? Use the form on the right to let us know!