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Last Updated: Monday January 28 2008 11:52 GMT

Quiz: High School Musical

High School Musical

Question 1

Where does Gabriella originally meet Troy?

A: A Christmas party
B: A birthday party
C: A New Year's Eve party

Question 2

What's the name of the school?

A: West High
B: East High
C: Wildcats High

Question 3

The first song is Start of Something New, what's the second?

A: Get'cha Head in the Game
B: Stick to the Status Quo
C: When There Was Me and You

Question 4

What sport does Troy play?

A: Baseball
B: Basketball
C: Netball

Question 5

What is Sharpay's twin brother called?

A: Ryan
B: Chad
C: Zeke

Question 6

What does Zeke hope to make?

A: The perfect cream jumper
B: The perfect crème brulee
C: The perfect crème egg

Question 7

Who is Troy's best friend?

A: Ryan Evans
B: Jason Cross
C: Chad Danforth

Question 8

How does the song Breaking Free start?

A: You know the world can see us
B: We're soaring, flying
C: We’re breakin’ free

Question 9

What's the coach's name?

A: Zac Bolton
B: Mack Bolton
C: Jack Bolton

Question 10

Who plays Gabriella Montez?

A: Ashley Tisdale
B: Vanessa Hudgens
C: Alyson Reed

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