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Last Updated: Friday January 25 2008 12:09 GMT

Quiz: Moles


Question 1

What is a mole's fave food?

A: Mud
B: Worms
C: Flowers

Question 2

Moles are totally blind. Is that true or false?

A: True
B: False

Question 3

Moles live underground, but why do they sometimes come to the surface?

A: To get a breath of fresh air
B: To look for other moles
C: To gather materials to build nests

Question 4

How many babies do moles usually have?

A: 1-3
B: 3-7
C: 7-10

Question 5

Moles can move backwards and forwards in their tunnels, true or false?

A: True
B: False

Question 6

Who is Mole's best friend in The Wind in the Willows?

A: Ratty
B: Weasel
C: Toad

Question 7

Roughly how many types of mole are there worldwide?

A: 10
B: 30
C: 50

Question 8

Why were loads of moles killed in the early 1900s?

A: They were hit by a mole disease
B: There were lots more badgers then, which kill moles
C: Moleskin clothes were fashionable

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