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Last Updated: Friday January 25 2008 08:51 GMT

New bid to save Amazon rainforest

A burned area of the Amazon rain forest

The Amazon rainforest is being given extra protection, because the Brazilian government is worried about how quickly it is being destroyed.

Politicians have decided they've got to do more to stop people illegally chopping down trees in the forest.

The Amazon rainforest is very important for the environment.

But it's thought an area bigger than France has been cut down since the 1970s, and recently trees are being cut down at an even more worrying rate.

The Amazon rainforest is known as "the lungs of the world".

This is because the trees breathe in gases like carbon dioxide - which are harmful to us - and breathe out oxygen, cleaning the air for us.

Some of the forest is being cleared to make room to farm animals or grow crops.


But the Brazilian government says there's no need for this, as there's already enough land available.

Officials are trying out a number of ways to tackle the deforestation.

One of these is to send extra police and environmental agents to areas where they think people are clearing the forest illegally.

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