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Last Updated: Friday January 25 2008 13:55 GMT

Your help needed to protect moles


Moles may be a nuisance for gardeners, but animal experts say they are under threat, and are asking for your help to protect them.

They are holding a mole count because they are worried that as we don't know much about how moles live, their homes could be in danger.

Experts want to create a mole map, to help them protect their habitats.

They're asking you to be on the look out for any molehills in your garden, and when you're out in the countryside.

They need to eat around 200 earthworms a day to keep going
They die of hunger if they don't find food in 12 hours
They don't have ears on the outside - but they've got great hearing
A similar animal was around at the time of the dinosaurs - over 150 million years ago
People in Ireland won't get very far with MoleWatch - there aren't any moles there!
The mounds of earth they create can be a nuisance for gardeners and farmers.

People are being asked to count molehills, because the furry creatures are hardly ever seen.

But mole experts say the animals are misunderstood, and they can actually be helpful because they eat insects, and improve the soil by putting air into it with their tunnels.

People are being asked to send their mole information to a special MoleWatch website.

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