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Last Updated: Friday January 25 2008 05:56 GMT

How I celebrate Burns Night

A meal with haggis is traditionally eaten on Burns Night

Robert Burns was a famous Scottish poet in the 18th century.

And each year on 25 January Scottish people all around the world celebrate his birthday - called Burns Night.

Here's how Press Packer Kris celebrates this special day.

"In my school we have a Scottish poetry competition.

Each class learns a poem and then says it in front of the whole school.

This has been a tradition since I was little.

I have won it twice and I have taken part in every competition.

Haggis ingredients
One sheep's stomach
Sheep lungs and heart
Lamb's liver
Beef trimmings
Salt and pepper

But it is so nerve wracking!

This year my class gets to do a Burns supper.

There are speeches and we have a meal.

On Burns Night I have a meal with my family of haggis, neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes).


I like the taste of haggis but my little sister doesn't like eating it!

I think it's a good idea celebrating Burns Night as I think it's important to remember one of our famous poets."

Kris, 11, North Lanarkshire

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