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Last Updated: Wednesday January 23 2008 11:51 GMT

Man shot as he's saved from croc

A crocodile

How's this for a bad day - your arm's stuck in the jaws of a deadly crocodile then you're accidentally shot by a friend as they try to save you!

Jason Grant was collecting croc eggs on the Mary River, in Australia's northern territory, when a saltwater croc leapt out of the water and chomped his arm.

His workmate fired two shots at the reptile to make it let go, but one went off target hitting Jason instead.

He was flown to hospital for emergency surgery, but is said to be doing well.

Crocodile attacks and shootings are rare in Australia, so to suffer both in the same day was really unlucky!

Jason was working at a remote reptile farm, about 120km east of Darwin, when the croc trapped his right arm in its giant jaws.

As the croc started to shake Jason about, his workmate Zac Fitzgerald took aim and fired at the beast to scare it away.

Although one of the shots hit Jason in the arm, their boss said Zac's quick-shooting had probably saved his friend's life.

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