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Last Updated: Saturday January 26 2008 15:56 GMT

Does dog poo make you barking mad?

Dog poo

People are getting increasingly fed up of having to dodge dog poo in the parks and on the streets where they live.

Press Packer Laura got so annoyed about the mess in her home town she made a special report for Newsround.

So what's it like where you live? Do you have to pick your way through the poo at the park?

Are you fed up of accidentally stepping in the stuff? Or are the streets a poo-free zone where you live?

Maybe you always clear up after your dog and are fed up of those who don't giving all dog owners a bad name?

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Your Comments

"I think it's pathetic and people should be fined or even sent to prison if they get caught. Around the parks I go to there's loads of dog poo and I'm very upset :("

Jordan, 14, West Midlands, England

"I think people should pick up the dog poo because it is very unhealthy for the world."

Daryll, 12, Bristol, England

"Dog poo is disgusting because it attracts flies, but since I've moved to Australia I haven't seen much, so that's good!"

Katy, 10, Adelaide, Australia

"It might sound a little stupid but maybe private fields should be created for owners to take their dogs for a walk. It should still be cleaned up though, but it might make it a little better."

Danielle, 13, Birmingham, England

"Around here there is poo everywhere you can imagine. There is even poo in the playground and the beach."

Jack, 12, County Wicklow, Ireland

"I think dog poo is horrible and people should pick it up!"

Gina, 9, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think it's horrid! People should know better, even grown ups."

Leanne, 8, Coventry, England

"Where I live there is dog poo everywhere. I once saw a baby touch it."

Sian, 10, Liverpool, England

"No I think that it is natural for dogs, but at the same time it is disrespectful."

Catherine, 15, West Sussex, England

"I have two dogs and when they need a poo I always get up and let them down the garden. Sometimes I take them to a park and I always make sure my mum or dad pick it up!"

Tyler, 9, Kent, England

"I once stepped in dog poo at school and then stepped in it on the way home again. Dog owners should be more responsible for their dogs. When you are walking on grass you don't see it. It is really hard to get off your shoes as well."

Emily, 10, Leeds, England

"It's so bad up here that you can't step anywhere in our park without standing on it and it's that bad you even see people picking it up that don't even have dogs. It really makes me go barking mad."

Stephanie, 10, Glasgow, Scotland

"It's pathetic. If you can't be bothered to clean up the mess then you don't deserve a dog."

Jemima, 11, Ipswich, England

"Our old park was full of dog poo until all of the complaints began and we now have a new park which is a lot better!"

Belinda, 12, Yorkshire, England

"I live near a small park and I like to go on the swings after school, but there's dog poo everywhere and it's so smelly and disgusting."

Stephen, 12, London, England

"I think it's disgusting, who doesn't? There's loads of the stuff where I live, I wish people would start cleaning up after their dogs. I'm sick of it. Not only is it disgusting to tread in, it can cause illness if you don't clean it off well enough, or if you get it near your face."

Natasha, 13, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

"I absolutely hate dog poo because when I go out to walk my two dogs I often tread in loads of poop and it's a nightmare to get off! Owners should be more responsible."

Scarlet, 9, Nottingham, England

"I think dog poo is disgraceful because people always tread in it, including me. I think the police should be more aware of this and, if they see the people who let their dogs do it, they should be fined even more than usual!"

Laure, 10, Northants, England

"Personally, I think it's minging and if people want a dog then they've got to face the consequences of picking up their dog's poo."

Emma, 12, Larkhall, Scotland

"I'm sick of stepping in dog mess. I wish that the Council would do something about it. Even though there are fines there are no cameras to catch the people that can't be bothered to pick their dog's mess up."

Victoria, 12, London, England

"I hate stepping in dog poo it stinks my house out. I think people should be charged 60, it makes me sick."

Paul, 10, Bradford, England

"My mum has e-mailed the Council and they haven't done anything. We need more bins and scoop up bags. There's a dog across the road who does it on everyone's gardens."

Natalie, 12, Chesterfield, England

"I think that dog poo is disgusting. I got a puppy last month. She is now 4 months old but before we toilet trained her she used to poo on the floor. One day I stepped in it and I was in bare feet! At least she goes in the garden now!"

Bethany, 10, Dawlish, England

"When people step in dog poo they moan. However, when they go to the countryside and step in sheep poo they don't moan."

Nicole, 13, Manchester, England

"Dog poo is horrible!"

Kirsty, 9, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think it is so unpleasant, especially if you take younger children to parks. I mean, they could pick it up - disgraceful!"

Ella, 11, Brighton, England

"It is gross. I have dogs and we clean it up when they do it out and about."

Amy, 11, Swindon, England

"Yes, I think it's disgusting if you don't clean it up. Ughhhhhhhh!"

Jessica, 8, Greater London, England

"I hate dog poo. There is loads all down our street. I wish people would pick it up afterwards."

Elizabeth, 9, London, England

"I think it's terrible. It's always the minority that don't pick it up, spoiling it for the majority that do."

Tom, 14, Leicester, England

"It's the same where I live, it really ruins a good walk! I wish they would pick up their dog's mess!"

Maria, 11, Bristol, England

"This dog poo makes me mad. On my way to school I have to go through an ally way - me and my friend call it Dog Poo Ally because no one clears up their dog's poo."

Charlie, 10, West Sussex, England

"It's terrible when it snows because you always come back in the house and find some unpleasant stuff on your feet."

Zoe, 10, Aldershot, England

"Everywhere I look there is dog poo! It's really disgusting. Why don't people pick up their own dog's poo? I would if I had a dog."

Aimee, 13, Portsmouth, England

"Dog poo is so bad in my area we have even named our local park Dog Poo Park!"

Zoe, 11, Wolverhampton, England

"Yes! Its gross!"

Sarah, 13, Scotland

"I agree with everyone who wants stricter measures on picking up dog poo. It's not fair for people to get themselves dirty because of other people's dogs."

Ruba, 12, London, England

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