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Last Updated: Tuesday January 22 2008 05:47 GMT

I'm sick of stepping in dog poo!

Press Packer Laura with her dog, Sally

Press Packer Laura got in touch with Newsround because she is sick of dodging dog poo on the streets and in the parks where she lives.

So we gave Laura a camera so she could film just how bad it is!

What Laura wants is for dog owners to be more responsible and to pick up the poo!

"Dog poo is a real problem in my area - on the footpaths and in the parks.

Not only is it horrible when you step in it but it can also make you ill.

Laura's dog, Sally
Laura's dog, Sally
This is why I think everyone who has a dog should clean up their dog's mess when they're taking their dogs for a walk.

I have a dog called Sally. She has lots of energy and loves going out for walks. I always clean up her poo when we're out. It's not a nice job but it's the right thing to do. I don't want anyone stepping in it!

I just pick it up with a bag and put it in the bin.

The worst thing is when I'm taking Sally for walk and people think that I haven't cleaned up after her because there's poo everywhere. I get embarrassed when I've done nothing wrong.

Laura took photos of dog poo on the streets near where she lives
Laura took photos of dog poo
I got the chance to speak to a dog warden and he said that it's important that the public let them know where there's lots of dog poo.

That way the wardens can keep an eye on the area, called a hotspot, and fine anyone they see not cleaning up their dog's mess.

I don't think all dog owners are the problem. But if everyone did the right thing and cleaned up after their dogs, our streets and parks would look and smell nicer."

Laura, 10, Gateshead

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