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Last Updated: Monday January 21 2008 14:19 GMT

In pictures: Endangered amphibians

Malagasy rainbow frog - picture by George Sunter

The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) has drawn up a list of the top 10 unusual and threatened amphibians, like this Malagasy rainbow frog. It inflates itself when threatened!

Purple frog - picture by Sathyabhama Das Biju

This is a rare animal! The purple frog was only discovered in 2003 because it spends most of the year buried up to 4m underground.

Chinese giant salamander - picture by International Network for Giant Salamander Conservation

Check out this Chinese giant salamander - it can grow to be as big as a man!

Lungless salamanders of Mexico - picture by Jonathan Campbell

These lungless salamanders of Mexico are a highly endangered species. They don't have lungs but breathe through their skin and mouth lining.

Olm - picture by ZSL

This olm is a blind salamander with see-through skin that lives underground. It hunts for its prey by smell and using electric currents and can survive without food for 10 years.

Ghost frog - Vincent Carruthers

These ghost frogs of South Africa are found only in traditional human burial grounds on Table Mountain in South Africa.

Gardiner's Seychelles - Naomi Dook

These tiny frogs grow to just 11mm - the size of a drawing pin - and could be the world's smallest frogs! It's called a Gardiner's Seychelles.

Betic midwife toad - picture by Jaime Bosch

This type of toad - a Betic midwife - evolved over 150 million years ago. The males carry the eggs wrapped around their back legs.

Sagalla caecilian - picture by John Measey

This strange creature is a Sagalla caecilian. It has no limbs and has special tentacles on the sides of its head.

This is a Chile Darwin's frog - Jaime Bosh

This is a Chile Darwin's frog. Experts are worried about these because none have been officially sighted since around 1978 and may now be extinct.

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