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Last Updated: Monday January 21 2008 14:21 GMT

Weirdest amphibians under threat

Malagasy rainbow frog

A drawing-pin sized frog, a limbless amphibian and a see-through salamander have all made it onto a list of the world's most endangered creatures.

Experts say even though they're not cute and cuddly, these cold-blooded creatures need still help to survive.

Amphibians are very sensitive to pollution and climate change and one in three is threatened with extinction.

The Zoological Society of London has drawn up a list of the 100 different amphibian species most at risk.

Zoological Society of London spokesperson Helen Meredith, said: "Alarmingly, 85% of the top 100 are receiving little or no conservation attention and will become extinct if action is not taken now.

"These animals may not be cute and cuddly, but hopefully their weird looks and bizarre behaviours will inspire people to support their conservation┐

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