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Last Updated: Friday January 18 2008 18:42 GMT

Plane crew tell of crash landing

The British Airways plane at Heathrow

The crew of the British Airways plane that crashed at Heathrow on Thursday have spoken about what happened.

The plane's captain, Peter Burkill, said his co-pilot John Coward was controlling the plane on the way down.

The first report about why the crash happened has been published, and it said the engines didn't work properly at a time when the crew needed them to.

The plane was two miles from landing when the engines refused to work, so the crew had control a crash landing.

More detailed investigations are now taking place to find out exactly why the plane's engines didn't work when they should have done.

The British Airways crew
John Coward, Peter Burkill and Sharron Eaton-Mercer from the crew of the plane
Mr Burkill spoke to journalists on Friday and told them how pleased he was with his crew, saying they showed "the highest standards of skill and professionalism".

He added: "Flying is about teamwork and we had an outstanding team on board."

Mr Burkill also talked about his co-pilot Mr Coward, saying he had done a "most remarkable job" in landing the aircraft.

All 136 passengers and 16 crew survived the crash, which badly damaged the British Airways plane.

Plane was flying from China

It's important to remember that plane accidents like this are very rare.

The Boeing 777 was on its way back from China when it crash-landed before it reached the runway, near a busy road, possibly after both its engines failed.

Part of the undercarriage, including two wheels were torn off, and there was some damage to the wings.

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