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Last Updated: Monday January 21 2008 06:03 GMT

In pictures: Are you depressed in January?


Monday is the saddest day of the year, researchers reckon. How does it make you feel? Ryan, 11, told Newsround: "I don't get depressed because it's my birthday month."


Tiffany, 10, said: "I do feel a bit sad in January, because when I wake up it's really dark outside, and when I go home from school it's dark as well."


Alan, 10, reckoned: "I don't get depressed in January because after December I usually have lots of presents to play with and I have lots of people to comfort me when I feel down."


Karim, 10, told us: "I don't feel sad in January, because I can go home and play with my games console and if I don't want to play by myself I can just play with my brother."


Lianna, 11, said: "I don't mind January, because I come back to the UK from my country Nigeria - where I go and stay with my family - and I look forward to seeing my friends at school."


Louis, 10, added: "I get a bit sad in January, because I can't stay out late with my friends and I'm used to it in the summer. I play on my games console to make myself feel better."


Rose, 11, said: "I don't get SAD in January because I have loads of birthday and Christmas presents to play with and I can come to school and play with all my friends."

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