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Last Updated: Monday January 21 2008 06:07 GMT

I don't like the cold weather


Press Packer Miguel thinks that winter can be a bit lonely and misses the warm days of summer.

"I think that winter is quite a lonely month. It makes me feel sad and sometimes even grumpy!

I like summer better because when you get home after school it's still light outside and it makes me feel cheery.

It's cold outside

During the cold, wet days I usually stay inside and watch TV or play on my games console.

If it snows then I wrap up warm and play outside.

I think that there isn't really much to do in winter.


In winter I play with my friends less than in the summer because it's colder, but also because it gets dark early.

In my opinion cold does influence the way you live and limits the things you can do.

I hope winter leaves soon and summer comes again quickly!"

Miguel, 10, Ruislip

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