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Last Updated: Thursday January 17 2008 16:51 GMT

School boxing 'could come back'

Boys boxing at school

Have you ever fancied trying boxing at school? Well politicians are debating whether it's a knockout idea or not.

Some people - including Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe - think it's a great way to keep fit while others say it's far too dangerous.

The sport has not been on the timetable since 1962, although a few schools teach a non-contact form of the sport, where you don't hit each other.

Newsround's Lizo met up with kids at a Manchester school who love the sport.

They all learn the version where you don't have contact with each other.

Noorulkheda, 12, said: "I think boxing is a good thing because it's great exercise and gives your muscles a workout."

Noorulkheda, Fahad and Ali
Noorulkheda, Fahad and Ali
Fahad, 11, said it was a good skill to learn: "It won't be dangerous because you can use it if you need to defend yourself."

And Ali, 12, added: "Boxing in school is a good thing because you get really active when you punch and it makes you really strong."

But the boss of brain injury association Headway, Peter McCabe, said the idea was appalling.

"Doctors tell us boxing is extremely dangerous. It can lead to brain injury or life-long disability or even death."

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