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Last Updated: Tuesday January 22 2008 12:01 GMT

Top tips for staying safe in the floods

Tewkesbury during the 2007 summer floods

If you're at risk of being flooded, try not to worry and stay calm.

That's the advice from children in Tewkesbury who were badly affected by the summer floods of 2007.

They told Newsround how they got through it with a smile on their faces and said you can too.

Ten-year-old Jack said he watched loads of films to pass the time when he was stuck upstairs at home during the floods.


Rhianna talking to Newsround's Helen
Rhianna was really shocked when the flood waters reached her home
"It was really scary watching the waters come up," he said. "My Mum and Dad had to go downstairs in their wellies to get the kettle and things.

"You should also make sure you have sandbags at the front and back doors."

Thea said the smell was the worst thing about the flood water: "It was really bad and we had to move our fish, guinea pig and dog upstairs.

"The dog came in my room so it didn't get scared. Put waterproof tape over anywhere that water can get in."

Wellies at the ready

Top 5 tips
Stay calm
Move valuables upstairs
Keep an eye on your pets
Watch the weather forecast
Seal gaps with waterproof tape
Rhianna, 9, lives two miles away from the nearest river so she was really shocked when the flood waters hit her home.

"I got all my stuff upstairs just before it started to come in," she said.

If you're worried about floods near your home, Grace had some good advice: "Keep calm and try to think about something other than the floods."

Grace is concentrating on how her home will look like when it's been done up
Nine-year-old Cody added: "If you do get flooded make sure you take everything you might need upstairs such as the kettle, tea bags and some food.

"After you've been flooded make sure you put your shoes on, such as your wellies, when you come downstairs."

It took ages for repair work to start on their homes but Megan and Grace both said they're thinking about how good their homes will look once they've been done up.

Megan said: "Our house is empty but me and my Mum have already painted my room."

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