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Last Updated: Monday January 21 2008 12:59 GMT

Should boxing be taught in school?

A boxing match

Boxers Amir Khan, Joe Calzaghe and Ricky Hatton are just a few of the big name stars putting boxing back in the spotlight.

It's becoming so popular some people want to see it taught in schools again, but is that a good idea?

Lots of people think boxing is a great way for kids to get fit and learn discipline, but others say it's far too dangerous.

So do you fancy learning how to throw a few punches? Or is boxing too rough and ready for you?

Maybe you think non-contact boxing is the way forward?

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Your Comments

"Of course it should, it will teach discipline and some people could become the next Ricky Hatton. So I am all for it."

Jordan, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think it teaches you discipline and is a good sport!"

Ollie, 10, Brighton, England

"I think boxing should be allowed at schools as long as you're not allowed to box each other out of the boxing club, and children get long enough at boxing club."

Sophie, 10, Horsham, England

"I think that boxing is a very vicious game but when u get taught to defend yourself it could be a great game and I would love to do it!"

Hannah, 11, Peebles, Scotland

"I think boxing should be taught in school because people can use the skills for self defence."

Stavros, 11, Much Wenlock, England

"It shouldn't! Boys would practise it and have fights after school!"

Hannah, 11, Dyce, Scotland

"Maybe not outright boxing, but how about box aerobics? We do that at my school now, it's really fun."

Kristina, 13, Cheshire, England

"I think that boxing should not be taught in school because it is dangerous......"

Emily, 11, Worcester, England

"I think boxing should be taught in schools because we might need the skills when we are older."

Erin, 11, Leeds, England

"You shouldn't teach boxing, it is just so violent."

Alex, 10, Kidderminster, England

"Boxing should be taught so that if you are being attacked by a criminal, you can fight them off."

Bob, 12, London, England

"It is a bad idea because people could use it as a way to bully people by punching their victims and pretending they just missing their targets."

Amy, 13, Cambridge, England

"I don't think it's a very good idea because children might try out their skills in the playground, at home or in the classroom."

Louise, 11, Galgate, England

"It is the worst idea yet!! It will lead to violence and will soon get out of hand!! Fights in the corners of playgrounds, at lunchtime, playtime, even before and after school!! But I trust our head enough NOT to do that!!"

Emily, 10, Lancashire, England

"I think boxing should be able to be taught in school because it will make you healthier. And being a big fan of boxing I would love it to be allowed in school."

James, 13, Manchester, England

"I think boxing should be taught in school because if you get angry quite easily you can take your anger out on the punch bag!"

Samara, 12, Scarborough, England

"In my school there is a new boxing club, but only boys are allowed to join, no girls! I personally think that it is so unfair as I really wanted to learn how to box!"

Serenity, 13, London, England

"It is a really bad idea that boxing should come back even though there is no contact. The skills taught will probably still lead to violence outside of school."

Laura, 11, Hull, England

"It's physical, an energy and anger release and a form of discipline. These famous boxers are NOT violent. If learners of the art abused what they had learnt, it is not the fault of the teachers."

Francesca, 11, Sedgley, England

"I wouldn't want to do boxing but it might be popular as an optional club or after school class."

Alice, 13, Cambridge, England

"Of course boxing should be taught, it's a great workout and is fun to do. Anyway, it can be non-contact."

Ben, 13, Cranleigh, England

"I don't think boxing should be taught at school because it encourages people to bully other little ones."

Victoria, 7, Malvern, England

"I don't think pupils should be taught boxing in school because it is teaching violence and could be very dangerous in some cases!"

Amie, 10, Irvine, Scotland

"Boxing in schools is a good idea because it helps people channel their aggression into objects not people or children."

Emily, 12, Wokingham, England

"I think boxing should be taught in schools to see if you've got a talent!"

Arabella, 11, Cirencester, England

"I love boxing, I think that it should be taught in schools, it would teach us discipline."

Conor, 12, London, England

"I think I should do boxing in our school because some people just sit around in their room playing PlayStation. If you are getting bullied it is self defence, instead of running off so people can take the mick."

Callum, 10, London, England

"Of course not! It could encourage people to 'practise' on each other and hurt themselves. So I really don't think it should be taught at school."

Suzanne, 12, Hertfordshire, England

"I think you should crack down on violence in schools, never mind boxing!"

Linton, 14, Stockport, England

"We think boxing is a great idea - non-contact boxing helps self defence, keeps kids off the streets and keeps you fit and active!"

Class 6p, 10-11, Hull, England

"Boxing is good for self defence but not in schools. Some kids will use it on the streets or in the playgrounds and someone might get hurt badly."

Rachel, 13, Greater Manchester, England

"I think having boxing taught in school is a great way of teaching self defence."

Charlie, 11, Kent, England

"I think boxing is very good and should be offered in after-school clubs. It's a very good way of keeping fit."

James, 9, Wigan, England

"I don't think boxing should be taught at school. Musical instruments, singing and normal lessons are fine, but I think boxing is going a bit over the top!"

Alice, 10, Wiltshire, England

"We learnt about this in school and we thought it was just WAY TOO DANGEROUS!!!"

Martha, 9, Somerset, England

"I think that it is a good idea to have non-contact boxing in school. If some people are getting bullied then they are able to defend themselves."

Joshua, 11, Cambridgeshire, England

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