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Last Updated: Thursday January 17 2008 07:50 GMT

Newcastle announce shock new boss

Kevin Keegan

Newcastle United football club have caused a huge shock by making Kevin Keegan their new manager.

It is the second time Keegan, 56, will be in charge, after quitting as the team's boss in 1997 after six seasons.

Newcastle fans were stunned when he quit, as the team were fourth in the Premier League table.

Last time Keegan was in charge at St James Park the team were really fun to watch and scored loads of goals, once famously beating Man United 5-0.

Keegan also spent millions on bringing really exciting players to the club, including making Alan Shearer the most expensive footballer in the world in 1996, when he spent 15m on him.

After leaving the job Keegan was also the manager of Fulham, England and Manchester City.

He was very successful at Fulham, but didn't so well with England, leaving the job after the team lost 1-0 at home to Germany.

Kevin Keegan's record as Newcastle boss - 1992-97
Newcastle United
Games - 205
Wins - 114
Draws - 41
Losses - 50
Goals for - 360
Goals against - 209
Keegan takes charge of Newcastle just eight days after the club got rid of their old manager, Sam Allardyce.

He was only in charge of the club for eight months, but he couldn't bring enough success to the club, and didn't play a style of football that the fans wanted to watch.

Keegan the footballer

Before becoming a football manager Keegan was a very good player, scoring 21 goals in 63 matches for England.

He most famously played for Liverpool, helping the team win lots of trophies, but also played for Southampton and Newcastle.

Your Comments

I hope Kevin Keegan can repeat his great managerial career again but he has so much to lose (including his legend status) if he fails...

Anthony, 14, Bedfordshire, England

"I don't know much about football but in my opinion Kevin Keegen should not be the manager because he has quit too many times and they need a manager that focuses on them and not on quitting after 6 seasons."

Helen, 11, Cambridge, England

"My dad thinks it is dead cool that he is manager 4 Newcastle he calls him "king kev"..."

Dannielle, 10, Hebburn, England

"It should have been Shearer."Chloe, 11, Rotherham, England

"I'm really glad that he's the boss. He's the best manager ever! This is really great!"Matthew, 11, Barnsley

"I'm just glad we finally have a manager! I love Newcastle and if everyone thinks he can give us back our former glory then I'm happy!!"
Jessica, 13, Newcastle, England

"I'm amazed! GO TOOOOOOOON!!! I'm writing this just before I go to see Newcastle play Stoke, hopefully the team will do really will under Keegan. Good luck to him and to Newcastle."
Carla, 12, Newcastle, England

"I think it's great that he has come back because he did really well last time - we will be thumping the "big 4" in no time!"
Alex, 13, Newcastle, England

"He did well for us before and will do again. At least now we have a manager."
Matt, 12, Ledbury

"If Kevin Keegan's most recent job with England didn't last very long, that might suggest he isn't a very good manager anymore.
Sarah, 11, Romsey

I love Newcastle and I think Kevin Keegan will turn that place around, Good Luck Kevin!
Lola, 13

"I don't think it matters who manages Newcastle, they're rubbish."
Hilary, 11, Newry

"It is getting really annoying hearing all of the news channels talk on-and-on about Kevin Keegan. What's the big deal?"
Catherine, 11, Newcastle