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Last Updated: Monday January 14 2008 06:11 GMT

In pictures: Inside Kenya's emergency camps

A boy at one of the emergency camps

Violence in the African country of Kenya has forced thousands of people to leave their homes and move into emergency camps like this one in Nairobi.

President Mwai Kibaki

The trouble started after the man who's been Kenya's president for the past 6 years - Mwai Kibaki - was voted into power again, which lots of people think was unfair.

People in the camp

People were so desperate to escape the violence in their villages, they left everything behind. Now they have to rely on rescue workers to provide food, clothes and shelter.

Children in the camp

More than half the people staying at the camps are children. Newsround's Lizo travelled to Kenya to see what life's like for them there.

Girls in camp

For many, the camps are somewhere safe to stay until the trouble stops and they can go home. Others are there alone because they've lost their parents in the fighting.

Mercy playing football

12-year-old Mercy showed Lizo around the camp where she's staying in Nairobi.


People are given essentials like food, clothes and blankets but they have to queue for hours in the scorching heat to get them.

Children skipping

Life isn't easy, but Mercy said she was really happy she was being looked after and enjoyed playing games with the other children.

A class in camp

Aid workers have even organised lessons so the children can keep up with some of their school work.

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