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Last Updated: Saturday January 12 2008 12:21 GMT

New badges in Scouts revamp

Badge activities

If you think Scouts is all about learning how to tie knots or start a campfire without matches, think again.

Now you can earn badges for caving, street sports like skateboarding and even making a fruit salad!

It's all part of a massive revamp of the Scouting organisation to make it more relevant and interesting to you.

Chief Scout Peter Duncan said: "Young people today have a larger choice than ever before of activities to fill their spare time with."

Street Sports badge
Street sports is one of 40 new badges up for grabs
The new badges were launched at the scouts' winter camp at Gillwell Park, in Essex.

As well as the sporting challenges, Beaver Scouts will also be able to get a badge for healthy eating by making a fruit salad, sandwiches and healthy snacks.

Camping skills

Last year, millions of Scouts all over the world celebrated the Scouting movement's 100th birthday.

When it started, boys spent their time trying to learn difficult knots and camping skills, but times have changed.

Now boys AND girls are given a chance to try out activities like parascending, which involves wearing a parachute and being pulled into the air by a cord attached to a vehicle.