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Last Updated: Friday January 11 2008 15:53 GMT

Our city is the new Capital of Culture

Press Packers Owen, Harriet and Nicole

Press Packers Nicole, Owen and Harriet are from Liverpool.

It's a MASSIVE year for the city because it's been named Europe's Capital Of Culture.

Loads of events are taking place to mark the event.

Find out more here.

"We've all helped prepare Liverpool to be Capital of Culture 2008.

Massive concert

We helped the organisers come up with ideas - one of them is a BMX and inline festival which takes place in the summer.

The opening events include a massive concert in the Liverpool Echo Arena.

Everyone who is playing there is from Liverpool.

More interest

What we love about the city is that there's always something going on - art galleries, gigs - there's always loads of stuff to do.

It's a great city!

Being made the Capital of Culture will make more people interested in the city and hopefully will make more people want to come."

Owen, 10, Harriet, 11, and Nicole, 11, Liverpool

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