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Last Updated: Thursday January 10 2008 12:47 GMT

Big effort to help runaway kids

Girls aged 14 or 15 are most likely to run away

Children who run away from home are set to get more help under plans announced by the UK government.

It follows a big campaign to get more done to protect the 86,000 under 16-year-olds who leave home every year, including kids as young as seven.

The government's plan aims to protect EVERY young runaway.

Research has shown that children run away for lots of reasons - because of family problems, or because they are being neglected or abused.

Girls aged 14 and 15 and most likely to leave, according to the research, carried out by charity The Children's Society.
Sleeping rough
Sleeping rough

Runaways often end up sleeping on the streets and put themselves at risk of being harmed by other people.


The government's plan focuses on providing young runaways with more safe places to stay and on giving adults who come into contact with them more advice on the best things to do to support them.

The government has come up with the plan after nine months of talks with people who know a lot about runaway children.

A Children's Society spokesman said the plan will help people to work together "to ensure that these vulnerable young people get the help they so desperately need".

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