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Last Updated: Thursday January 10 2008 11:47 GMT

In pictures: Rubbish row erupts in Italy

Dogs nosing through bags of rubbish

A massive row about rubbish has broken out in Italy because there's loads of the stuff mounting up in the city of Naples.

Rubbish piled by the side of the road

Thousands of tonnes of stinking waste are lying uncollected in the streets because the local dumps are full.

Protesters blocking the entrance to a rubbish dump in Naples

City officials want to reopen old rubbish tips to get rid of it, but protesters are blocking paths to the sites because they say it's a health risk and there's no more room.

Kids getting off their bus next to piles of rubbish

Rubbish has been a big problem in Naples for years and causes loads of pollution. This pile of trash is nearly as big as the bus!

Army engineers clearing rubbish from outside a school

The Army has been clearing the rubbish from outside schools, but it's still piling up.

Man passes rubbish pile on scooter, Naples

It's thought gangs of criminals are partly responsible for the waste crisis by making money from dumping rubbish in Naples that's come from all over the country.

A man covering his nose as he walks past massive piles of rubbish

People living there say it's so bad, even their clean washing smells of rubbish. Yuck!

Protesters and police

There have been big clashes between police and protesters who think the waste is making people ill.

Burning rubbish

Some locals are so fed up they've have started burning the rotting rubbish to try to get rid of it and fire crews are struggling to put out all the fires.

Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi

The Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi said they're trying to sort it out and announced that three new machines would be opened to burn the rubbish.

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