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Last Updated: Thursday January 10 2008 05:47 GMT

I helped feed a tiger!

Chloe feeding a tiger

Press Packer Chloe was lucky enough to be offered a tour of a big cat sanctuary and got to get up close to some very big cats.

"When I got there I could see lots of cages and I saw a lion - I thought, 'I can't believe I'm here.'

When they said I could help feed them it felt really scary - I thought they might bite my hand off!


The lady there showed me how to do it safely and let me help feed a tiger - she kept hold of my hand to keep me safe.

We fed the tiger some chicken. It was really amazing because I was really scared holding the chicken.

Chloe and a tiger
Chloe gets up close
I held one end and pushed the other through the bars - and it took the other end and ate it - it took the food out of my hand!

Soft fur

It was amazing!

The tiger was so close - when it brushed against the bars I felt its fur. It was really warm and fluffy and soft.

There were other big cats at the sanctuary - lions, a snow leopard, an ocelot and a cheetah.

The big cats were all brilliant.

Once in a lifetime

Our tour took two hours but we were enjoying ourselves so much the time just went.

The sanctuary takes good care of all the cats it looks after.

When I next go to a zoo I'll know I've been up much closer to the big cats than most people ever get!

It was an amazing once in a lifetime chance - I'd love to be able to do it again."

Chloe, 11, Surrey

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