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Last Updated: Tuesday January 08 2008 13:00 GMT

Could the ISS get British bunks?

Habitation Extension Modules (British Interplanetary Society)

Astronauts living at the International Space Station (ISS) could be sleeping in British bunks in the future.

A team of space experts wants the British government to join the group that is behind the ISS, and would like them to build two big bits for it.

The plan is to build a new bedroom for the astronauts, and a second space for them to use as a meeting room.

The new rooms won't be cheap though, as they could cost 600m to build, and at the moment it is still just an idea.

The experts behind the plan hope it would get British people really excited about space and the science behind what happens there.

The International Space Station
A room was recently added to the space station
But the amount of money needed is a lot - around half the cash spent on all British space projects in a year - and other experts think the money could be better spent elsewhere.

They reckon the money should be used on new technology designed to make space travel much cheaper and easier in the future.

At the moment the British government doesn't spend any money on space missions involving people, preferring instead to research ideas using robots.

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