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Last Updated: Tuesday January 08 2008 05:35 GMT

I don't think you should hurt bugs


Press Packer Robyn thinks that animals shouldn't be harmed because of the way they look.

Robyn also got some thoughts from her school friends about this topic.

"Almost everyone says that they love animals but really they are squishing spiders, ants and all sorts of bugs because of the way they look.

I do not think this is fair, so my best friend Holly and I have been trying to persuade people not to do that.

One of my other friends, Chloe, has also been helping us.

We started by asking people in the playground of our school.

Mean and selfish

I interviewed two Year 2 girls Angel and Lucy.

Press Packer Robyn
Lucy told me that she completely adores rabbits, cats and dogs.

Angel tells me that she loves all animals and thinks that hurting animals should be stopped because it's mean and selfish.

Still alive

Holly, Chloe and I all agree with Angel and say that it should stop.

I think that people should not harm bugs or animals because they are still alive like we are and they cannot help the way they look."

Robyn, 10, Nottingham

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