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Last Updated: Thursday January 03 2008 19:04 GMT

I live in Nairobi where protesters tried to rally

Press packer Rushab

Press Packer Rushabh lives in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, where police fired tear gas and jets of water at protesters.

They were trying to gather for a rally against the recent election result.

Rushabh hasn't been able to leave his house.

Here's his report.

"There was a bit of trouble in the morning at Uhuru (Freedom) Park, but it was controlled by high security.

It's been really scary, although in Nairobi it's a bit safe.

A man with his children during one of the riots in Kenya
Thousands of people in Kenya have left their homes

In Mombasa, all rural areas actually, there have been riots, there have been break-ins to supermarkets.

There are some people burning houses, and innocent people have been losing their lives.

It's really scary, I don't want to go back to school. "

Rushabh, 11, Nairobi, Kenya

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