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Last Updated: Wednesday January 02 2008 15:13 GMT

I live in Kenya where fighting has broken out

Press Packer Tanvi lives in Kenya

Press Packer Tanvi lives in Kenya in Africa where violence has broken out on the streets because people are fighting about an election.

Some people don't agree with the result of the election and think the man who won, Mwai Kibaki, didn't win fairly.

Tanvi lives in an area where there is fighting.

Here's her report.

"Everyone was anxious to see who became president.

I don't understand the election process very much, but I know that people don't have to die!

I live in a town called Eldoret in western Kenya - people are coming here from neighbouring villages - they have had their houses and shops burned.


Riot police in Kenya
We are all scared.

People have been camping in the police station and churches for safety, but there is no food available, as the shops and food markets haven't opened since 27 December.

I am scared to go out - I have never seen so many police and army men before.

Night-time is the scariest as we are hearing gunshots. I hope there is no more suffering."

Tanvi, 13, western Kenya, Africa