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Last Updated: Wednesday January 02 2008 16:54 GMT

Boy, 8, saves dad's life in car


An eight-year-old boy saved his dad's life by guiding the ambulance to them, after his father became ill while driving on the motorway.

Jago's dad Neil Stewart, who has diabetes, started to feel faint when he was driving on the M5 near Bristol.

He pulled over, but within minutes he had fallen unconscious.

Jago called his mum who then called the police and used the sat-nav - a machine in cars which helps with directions - to tell them where they were.

The ambulance crew then found them in 10 minutes and were able to help his dad really quickly.

Jago said he realised something was wrong when his dad fell asleep after he had pulled the car off the motorway.

He turned off the engine before using his dad's mobile to phone his mum, who called the police.

Jago looked at the sat-nav and road signs to tell the police where they were.

Satellite navigation system in a car
Motorists use sat-nav to tell them which way to go
He said: "It was about 10 minutes before the police came and I carried on playing with my PSP game until they arrived.

"I was very worried about dad when I saw he was ill so I wanted to do everything I could to help him.

"I don't think I was being brave, I was just trying to help my dad and the police."

His dad Neil said: "Jago was a little superstar. He could not have done more for me. He saved my life."

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