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Last Updated: Saturday December 29 2007 17:35 GMT

Huge mystery item found on beach

The washed-up container. Picture by Allan MacDonald


Experts are trying to identify a massive metal container that has been washed up on a beach in the Western Isles of Scotland.

The tank, which is 27m high - five times the height of a giraffe - has no markings and was found by a dog walker.

It's thought to have fallen from a ship before being washed up on Poll Na Crann beach - known locally as Stinky Bay.

Coastguards are using numbers on the item to solve the mystery. It's thought to be a tank for storing liquids.

The beach is known as Stinky Bay because of the fermenting seaweed found there.

Local environmental expert Alasdair MacEachen said: "It's a big object so you can't miss it, and it's not often you see something like that on the beach."

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