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Last Updated: Sunday December 30 2007 12:38 GMT

Wildlife 'must move to survive'

A buckeye butterfly rests among the wild flowers

Climate change will mean that some UK bats, butterflies, birds and mice will have to move in order to stay alive.

The Wildlife Trust is warning that rising temperatures will force some wildlife and even plants to move to find more suitable places to live.

Wildlife made a similar move in search of food and homes following the last Ice Age, the trust said.

The charity says that some species are already moving, but buildings and loss of habitat is stopping others.

Monarch butterfly

The voluntary organisation is trying to link up natural areas of woodland, heathland and pasture so creatures like pipistrelle and barbastelle bats and sand lizards can move easily.

The hazel dormouse is one of the threatened types of wildlife.

It needs to live in quite large areas of hazel wood to survive, but these areas are becoming rarer.

And it's difficult for them to find new places to live as dormice only travel from wood to wood and refuse to cross open ground.