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Last Updated: Thursday December 27 2007 12:25 GMT

Weird weather hits wildlife hard

Blue tits

The weird weather we've had this year has caused loads of problems for wildlife in Britain, nature organisation the National Trust says.

Many creatures appeared or had babies because of warm weather in the first few months of the year.

Then heavy rain and cold weather in the summer made things difficult for bats, birds and insects.

The National Trust reckons wildlife is going to be affected a lot more by climate change in the future.

Butterflies have been affected
Butterflies have been affected

It says the first bats were spotted in March - much earlier than usual.

Ladybirds, bumblebees and butterflies also came out early.


In the summer, fewer of some of our favourite birds - including blue tits, great tits and willow warblers - were spotted, with the rain washing away nests.

But there was some good news, with many plants doing really well because of the wet weather.

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