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Last Updated: Tuesday December 25 2007 16:35 GMT

'Super chip' games more lifelike

Computer circuit board - general picture

Good news if you're a gaming fan - a new type of computer chip designed to make your games more lifelike than ever before is being developed.

Scientists reckon the silicon chips used to power today's computers and consoles are as good as they can get.

So now they're working on a new type of "super chip" that will let designers create much more complicated graphics so games will look more realistic.

The new chips could also be used to improve mobiles, cameras and laptops.

Although it's still early days, it's hoped the super chips will be available to use in games within three years.

Professor Iain Thayne, who's working on the 1.2m project at Glasgow University, said a lot of computer games still felt very unrealistic and flat.

'New generation'

"What gamers want is to develop games that make you feel as though you are part of the synthesised world," he said.

"It is the silicon chips installed in games consoles which are holding this development back and so by increasing the power of chips, a whole new generation of computer games can be launched."


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