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Last Updated: Friday December 21 2007 06:55 GMT

Kids spend Christmas in a caravan

Nadia and Kian

For most people Christmas is a time to enjoy being at home. But hundreds of families are being forced to have a cramped Christmas this year.

Heavy rain flooded large parts of the country this summer, forcing lots of people out of their homes.

Loads of families have been living in small caravans for months while their houses are being repaired.

And it's not over yet for lots of people, as they won't be back in their homes until February.

Kian and Nadia
It'll be a cramped Christmas for Kian and Nadia
A tight squeeze

Nadia and Kian live in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, which was very badly hit.

They share a cramped caravan with their parents and older brother.

Kian told Newsround: "The things I got upset about was the books. I was going to read the second Harry Potter book, but it was ruined."

No tree

And Christmas is going to be a bit weird.

Nadia told us: "We normally pick our own Christmas tree, but this year there's nowhere to put it."

They hope to be back in their real house by March.

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