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Last Updated: Monday December 24 2007 09:51 GMT

Christmas in Dubai

Dubai skyline

Press Packer Faye is celebrating Christmas in a hot country.

She lives in Dubai, which is a country in the Middle East region of Asia.

Here's her story.

"I live in a city called Dubai, in the country of the United Arab Emirates.

Most people think of Christmas as snow, warm fires, and cuddling up inside on a cold evening.
Press Packer Faye

But in Dubai, where at the height of summer it can reach temperatures of up to 57 degrees centigrade, we spend Christmas in much warmer weather.

Many people here spend Christmas on the beach or by the pool, an unlikely sight in cold and wet Britain!

Different religions

But not many people celebrate Christmas in Dubai. A majority of the population here are Muslim or they believe in another religion, such as Hinduism.

Muslim people, at this time of year, celebrate Eid. Every day the "call to prayer" rings out of my local mosque, five times throughout the day. These times depend on the sun setting and rising. The sunrise call is usually called during four and six AM.

I am looking forward to Christmas in Dubai."

Faye, 11, Dubai

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