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Last Updated: Thursday December 20 2007 14:05 GMT

Quiz: Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria

Question 1

What was Queen Victoria’s birth name?

A: Charlotte Victoria
B: Elizabeth Victoria
C: Alexandrina Victoria

Question 2

When did she become Queen?

A: 1837
B: 1847
C: 1857

Question 3

Who ruled immediately before her?

A: George III
B: George IV
C: William IV

Question 4

How long was her reign?

A: 53 years
B: 63 years
C: 73 years

Question 5

In 1840, she married one of her cousins. What was his name?

A: Albert
B: John
C: David

Question 6

How many children did they have?

A: Seven
B: Eight
C: Nine

Question 7

Queen Victoria's husband is widely thought to have introduced which Christmas tradition to Britain?

A: Eating Turkey
B: Carolling
C: The Christmas tree

Question 8

How old was Queen Victoria when she died?

A: 71
B: 81
C: 91

Question 9

Which of these quotes is often associated with Queen Victoria?

A: 'Let them eat cake'
B: 'Now is the winter of our discontent'
C: 'We are not amused'

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