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Last Updated: Wednesday December 19 2007 05:47 GMT

What is the future for gaming?

Gaming week graphic

A super console that can play any game in any format is predicted for gamers in the future.

But experts say because the three big consoles, the Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have just been launched you will just have to wait.

Instead, the gaming creators will work on better graphics and new add-ons.

Experts also say you will be playing more games with your friends, and that games are getting more active.

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The new Nintendo Wii's balance board will get you off the sofa and let you get some footie practice or even try some yoga.

There will be more chances for you to test your skills against other people, with gaming companies encouraging you to compete online, or with your mates.

They're also trying to get more people hooked by making games you can play with your entire family.

Boy on computer
You'll be playing games with your friends more in the future

Work is also underway on a game called Little Big Planet, which lets you create your own world, make up your own characters, and design your own levels.

Experts say it will be unlike anything you've ever seen before.