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Last Updated: Wednesday December 19 2007 05:43 GMT

Gaming expert predicts the future

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In the last few years we've seen the launch of three consoles - the Wii, Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 - but what comes next?

We tracked down gaming expert Ellie to explain what exciting items could be in your stockings for Christmas 2008.

Gaming expert Ellie

  • First up is an add-on for the Nintendo Wii - the balance board.
  • This piece of kit looks a bit like a pair of bathroom scales stuck together.

    You stand on the board and your movements on it help control what happens on screen.

    The only title we know about so far is Wii Fit, which lets you use the board to try yoga, or even get in some footie heading practice.

  • One of the biggest games to come out in the next year could be Spore.
  • It's created by Will Wright - who also invented The Sims - and through playing it you create an entire species.

    You start small - with cells - and then develop to a single creature, and before long a whole tribe is running around doing what you want.

    But that's not where it ends.

    Before long your brand new species is blasting off into space, to find whole new worlds to try and take over.

  • Another huge title could be Little Big Planet.
  • It's expected to be out late 2008 on the PS3, and instead of just getting you to play the game from start to finish, you get to create your own levels and characters.

    Within the game the designers have created tools that let you build the levels any way you want to, and once you're finished you can put them online for other people to play.

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