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Last Updated: Monday December 17 2007 07:24 GMT

Newsround's Adam checks out online Legoland

Adam at Lego's HQ in Denmark

Lego Universe won't be open for business until 2009, but Adam was invited to Lego's HQ in Denmark to try it out with some Lego fans...

"When you sign up to a virtual world you have to create a computerised mini-me called an avatar.

In Lego Universe you create your own Lego person called a mini-figure.

The animation in this section is very detailed - you swing a clothes rack round to pick your outfits from a huge range of styles and colours, and he taps his foot while you customise him.

I'm sure I spotted an Indiana Jones outfit too!

Adam and girl
Only a few people have been allowed to try Lego Universe
Then we entered the 3D virtual world. We were allowed to explore a castle in a valley filled with purple fog.

Everything was made from the famous bricks - which you will be used to from the Lego console games.

A weird black goblin was hanging about. When we hit him with a hammer he collapsed into a pile of bricks and power-ups.

Top secret

We could see all the other players running around at the same time and could chat to them.

Artwork of the Lego waterfall
Adam got to see top secret artwork - like this waterfall that spews Lego bricks
When the game is launched you will be able to create your own stuff so for example you could build your own Viking ship, invite your friends to be the crew and then sail off for an adventure.

I was also allowed to see some mysterious, top secret artwork and animation.

There was a Lego volcano and a waterfall spewing bricks, along with a wooden tree house and some animals doing cartwheels and back-flips. There was also a sketch of a Lego bowling alley.

The producer reckons it will be "the game to end all games!""

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