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Last Updated: Monday December 17 2007 11:15 GMT

Lego virtual world sneak preview

Gaming week

For 60 years the Lego factory in Denmark has been churning out the plastic blocks we all know and love.

But now experts there are tapping into a 21st Century trend by building a virtual world brick by brick.

It's called Lego Universe, and it's an online Legoland where thousands of you will be able to build things and chat with your mates.

It won't be available for two years but Newsround's Adam was given a sneak preview at the company's headquarters.

He found out about some of the things you will be able to do in the virtual Lego world.

These include hanging out in a Lego tree house, or checking out the scenery made from bricks.

Adam spoke to the kids who were some of the first in the world to try it out.

Adam and girl
Adam found out what the virtual world was like

They told him there is a really big castle, and that you can see who else is playing the game.

Lego Universe is a MMOG, which stands for Massively Multi-player Online Game.

So many of them are being developed that experts think in a few years time half of you will be signed up to one.