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Last Updated: Friday December 14 2007 07:14 GMT

Chats in class may help you learn

Children in a primary school classroom

Normally you might expect to be told off if you chat to your mates in class, but it could actually be a good thing.

A group of experts from Cambridge University found that talking with your pals in lessons could make it easier to understand things.

But they don't want children to sit in lessons arguing about things, as that isn't good for learning.

It's also more important to be told "well done" for trying hard than it is for getting really good marks.

It's thought that if a teacher tells you your work is really good you may decide that you don't need to work any harder.

But if your efforts are praised instead, you may be more likely to work even harder next time.

The review of primary schools started in October 2006, and will carry on for another year.

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