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Last Updated: Friday December 14 2007 07:25 GMT

Boy investigates Wii shortage

Press Packer Louis

A games console is probably on loads of your Christmas wish lists this year.

Press Packer Louis wants a Nintendo Wii, but as he found out, it's not that easy to get your hands on one...

"I love playing video games - but my console's getting a bit past it. What I really want is a Nintendo Wii.

The trouble is, it's pretty hard to find the games machine. Whenever a shop has some of the consoles, they sell out in a few hours.


Some places are selling Wii consoles, but they come in a big bundle with lots of games. Some bundles can cost up to 350.

That might seem like a good idea, but I think it's just too pricey. I only want the console and one game, which normally sell for around 180.

And it's the same online - where ever I look on the web, it's game over for getting a Wii.

Big demand
Nintendo Wii

Newsround took me to meet Trevor, the manager of Zavvi, one of my local gaming shops.

He told me the Nintendo Wii has turned out to be one of the biggest-selling consoles of all time, so Nintendo can't keep up with the supply.

He also said that games bundles are good value for money because the more games you buy the better deals you can get, which saves money.

Too pricey

Whilst I think you do get a lot of games in the bundle, it's still pretty expensive.

I'll keep looking for a Nintendo Wii, but for the moment I'm still dreaming of a Wii Christmas.

Louis, 11, Yorkshire

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