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Last Updated: Sunday December 16 2007 09:13 GMT

Learning to cope with dyslexia

A school pupil writing

Press Packer Robyn used to find reading and writing difficult until she was diagnosed as being dyslexic.

People with dyslexia have very slight differences in the part of the brain that deals with language - it can make reading, writing and spelling really tough.

Here's Robyn's story.

"I am dyslexic and I used to find it very hard to read or write.

But this was not because I was stupid, dyslexia means that you have to be taught how to read and write in a different way.


When I had my Key Stage 1 Sats, I became very down-hearted.

Press Packer Robyn
It wasn't the questions that I had a problem with, I just couldn't read the words.

I used to find it very hard to cope with being dyslexic, I always felt very behind the rest of the children in my class.

But once I started doing my special classes outside of school, I quickly caught up.


I think my life has changed for the better since I was diagnosed with dyslexia because before that people didn't take the fact that I couldn't read very seriously.

Once they started to teach me in a way that I could understand, my reading and writing improved a lot.

I read the seventh Harry Potter book in 24 hours this year! I love reading!"

Robyn, 11, Oxfordshire

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