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Last Updated: Wednesday December 12 2007 05:40 GMT

Christmas lights: love them or hate them?

Christmas lights on a house

Christmas lights - you see them everywhere at this time of the year.

But are festive lights fun or a waste of money and electricity?

We asked Press Packers Kirsty and Elizabeth to tell us what they think.

Press Packers Kirsty and Elizabeth

I love Christmas lights!

"They are sparkly, bright and make everyone happy.

When I see houses covered in lights, it gets me into the festive spirit.


I know some lights may use lots of electricity but I think lights are great fun and guaranteed to make most of us smile.

Look brilliant

There is a house down my road which always has loads of twinkly Christmas lights and I think they look brilliant.

And if seeing big bright lights doesn't cheer you up, I think you must be mad!"

Kirsty, 11, Hertfordshire

I hate Christmas lights!

"Christmas lights don't make me happy.

I think they're an expensive waste of time and have nothing to do with Christmas.

Waste electricity

I think they look really tacky.

They also waste electricity, which is not good for the environment.


I don't know why people love them so much.

I think if you need to put loads of lights up you should do it inside so not everyone who pass your house can see them."

Elizabeth, 12, London

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