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Last Updated: Wednesday December 12 2007 08:40 GMT

In pictures: Ice storms hit America

Fallen trees blocking a road during the ice storm.

Ice storms have swept across several states in the Mid West of America, toppling trees and power lines and leaving about 800,000 homes without electricity.

A statue covered in ice

Ice up to one inch thick has covered parts of Oklahoma and Missouri, where states of emergency have been declared. Check out this frozen bear statue!

A fallen tree in the ice storm

Sadly, at least 20 people have died in traffic accidents caused by the deadly weather.

A worker tightens power lines

Workers have been trying to fix the broken power lines as branches continue to snap under the weight of the ice.

A flower covered in thick ice

Ice storms happen when rain falls when the temperature is very low. It freezes almost as soon as it hits a surface. Like this frozen flower.

A man clearing fallen branches from outside his home

Weather experts are warning people in parts of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Texas that more ice is on the way.