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Last Updated: Wednesday November 12 2008 12:14 GMT

In pictures: Your Christmas photos 2007

Holly the bear

THIS PAGE IS NOW CLOSED, WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ANYMORE PICS OF CHRISTMAS 2007. It's not just people who love Christmas - Charlotte sent in this pic of her bear Holly.

Gemma's cat Tigger dressed as a Christmas present

Gemma's cat Tigger joined in the festive fun by being dressed up as a Christmas present!

Frosty garden

Louise took this photo in her back garden in Scotland because she thought the spider's web looked cool covered in frost. It's a great pic Louise!

Daniel's Christmas Tree in Cowdenbeath

Daniel's Christmas tree looks pretty cool. He sent in this pic from Cowdenbeath in Scotland.

A house covered in Christmas lights

Whoever lives here must love Christmas - look at all the lights on this house that was snapped by Ashley in Portadown, Northern Ireland.

Bella the cat

Hannah in Neath sent us this pic of her cat Bella who she says is all ready for Christmas. Nice outfit Bella!

Jasmine the cat gets festive

Joanna, 12, from Stratford-Upon-Avon, is off sick from school so to cheer her up she's got her cat Jasmine looking very festive!

A sleigh of Christmas inflatables

These festive inflatables are in Dan's front garden in Dunfermline, Scotland.

Zak's house in Thetford, Norfolk

This home in Thetford, Norfolk, almost looks like a gingerbread house! Bet five-year-old Zak likes living there.

House with Christmas lights

Check out this twinkling display at 12-year-old Vinuksha's house in London.

Austrian mountains

Loads of you will be hoping for a white Christmas, well there was plenty in Austria where 10-year-old Will went snowboarding.

Amelia's granddad dressed up as Father Christmas

Amelia took this pic of her granddad dressed up as Santa.

Barney the dog covered in tinsel

Jennifer says her dog Barney has a great trick of dressing up as a Christmas decoration...

Barney napping in the tinsel

But it's tiring work so now it's time for Barney to have a nap.