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Last Updated: Monday December 03 2007 18:09 GMT

Kids tell NR: 'Our life is great'

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It seems most of you feel pretty good about things and think Britain is a great place to live.

How do we know that? Well, Newsround carried out a special kids' survey to mark our 35th birthday.

And one of the biggest findings was that most of you are happy with your lives and yourselves.

We asked 1,000 kids, aged six to 12, from all over the country and more than nine out of 10 of you said that that you liked the way you are.

The kids we surveyed described themselves as happy, funny and clever.

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And about three-quarters of you feel that you're having a better time as a child than your parents did.

But sadly it's not all good news.

Some of you don't think you get to spend enough time with your parents and there are things about life that scare you.

We'll be bringing you more on our survey all week and asking for your comments.

Other things our survey found include:

  • Most kids would rather play outside than on their computer
  • The person you admire most is your mum
  • Doing well at school and getting on well with your family are the two things that matter to you most
  • More than nine out of 10 kids in Northern Ireland believe in God, compared to around six out of 10 in England, Scotland and Wales

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